With over 20 years combined experience working in museums, we have carefully handled thousands of precious objects, installed hundreds of exhibitions, and created many specialised solutions for storing or displaying unusual items. If you have a garment, artifact, heirloom, or oddity to care for - we can help!

We regularly work with ArtFix restoration services, and Conservation Supplies

Wooden crates

We build made-to-measure plywood crates for storage and travel of 2D and 3D artwork. These are lined with museum grade PE foam and Tyvek. 

Archival boxes

Made from archival fluted card, we custom make storage boxes for protecting delicate items such as small sculptures, textiles, taonga and ephemera. 

Display plinths, mounts, and shelves

Whether you are a practising sculptor or have purchased a piece that needs some special treatment, we can make a display plinth, mount, or shelf that suits.

Acrylic display cases

For a delicate or special object you would like to display we can design and build an acrylic display case. Fabric covered or archival matboard backing can be made to suit the item or your decor.